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Open innovation case study profiles

KH i-Lab actively promotes exploratory activities that make the most of each member’s unique characteristics, which we call the WROC strategy. These include all kinds of technical and social issues—from chemical engineering to biotechnology, from global issues to local issues faced by customers—all of which we are able to target. The broad range of exploratory activities is a strength of KH i-Lab.

Seeds of ideas

The seeds of ideas obtained from social issues and technology seeds are accumulated as knowledge by KH i-Lab. Moreover, unexpected stimuli may cause these seeds to sprout. We hope that sharing knowledge with you all generates opportunities for co-creation.



  • Halal certification
  • Forest maintenance
  • Marine plastics
  • Insects as a food source
  • CNF
  • Unused heat energy
  • DX
  • Smart cell industry
  • Fine bubble
  • MI
  • Microbiome
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