R&D Center

Driving "High Performance Specialty Chemicals"

We research and develop "High Performance Specialty Chemicals" using our own technologies to create innovative lubricant materials, new raw materials, functional monomers, and manufacturing processes. The goal of our research is to create products and process with improved environmental performance creating more sustainable societies. We actively present our research results and establish connection with other researchers at domestic or foreign conferences and exhibitions.


Lubricant Materials

Some of our commercial products, made by our OXO technology, are used as raw materials for refrigerator lubricants in HFC coolant systems. Based on our knowledge and experience, we develop next generation products related to the lubrication field. Our aim is to help sustain the environment through creation of new lubricants and additives to reduce friction and wear.

The OXO Process

We develop new chemicals based on KH Neochem’s core technology, improving the OXO process.

Specialty Monomers and Polymers

We are working on new environmental-friendly technologies based on our functional monomer DAAM which is used to make high performance waterborne polymers.

The Production Processes

We develop improved production processes for current and new products and energy-saving technology for our entire factory. Our work is based on our fundamental technologies which are: organic synthesis, catalysts, chemical engineering and analytical chemistry. KH Neochem has test facilities from laboratory scale to pilot scale and process simulators.

Picture:Yokkaichi Plant Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant

Picture:Chiba Plant high-pressure synthetic test autoclave

High-pressure synthetic test autoclave

Picture:Development of processes using the latest simulators

Development of processes using simulators