Functional Monomer DAAM (Diacetone Acrylamide) & Diols

KH Neochem has a long history of providing key raw materials to the chemical industry for many different applications. Our unique raw materials offer improved performance, durability, and enable formulations that are better for the environment.

1. Environmentally friendly monomer “DAAM (Diacetone Acrylamide)”

Regulators around the world are advocating for the use of formulations with lower VOC* to reduce air pollution. These VOC regulations have caused the market for water borne formulations to grow at the expense of solvent borne formulations in coatings, inks and adhesives applications.

Using DAAM in these applications provides the benefits of "One–pot system" and "Ambient curing system". DAAM improves the environment by reducing CO2 emissions during the coating process making it environmentally friendly.

*VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds


2. Multiple branched monomer “Diols”

All of KH Neochem’s unique diols have a branched structure. Branched diols have a number of benefits over linear diols. They tend to not crystalize, so most of them are liquids to low temperatures. Resins made from our diols also tend to have low crystallinity along with better hydrolytic stability.
Our unique diols find many applications in resins, additives and reactive diluents. Our 1,3-butylene glycol is also used as a cosmetic raw material.