Functional Monomer DAAM(Diacetone Acrylamide)& Diols

Features of DAAM

DAAM is a functional monomer that has a carbonyl group within the molecule. With features that include reactions to hydrazides, it can be combined with polymers that carry various functions.

Figure: Features of DAAM

Application for emulsion

Emulsion resins blended with DAAM are stable even with cross-linking agents, allow 1K systems. The cross-linking reaction progresses at room temperature after coatings, allowing for fast drying, toughness, and dirt pick-up resistance.

Figure: Application for emulsion

Application examples

House, Wood, Plastics, Paper
Textile, Therapeutic adhesive tape
Photosensitive resins:
Photo resist
Water-absorbent resin:
Hair dressing, contact lenses, Waste water treatment, Petroleum recovery