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Introduction of N-glycan application
GlyMuch™ glycans by KH Neochem

Introduction to the glycan library

KH Neochem has developed its own glycans and glycan manufacturing technologies. Human asparagine-linked glycans (N-linked glycans), in particular, complex glycans and high-mannose glycans, are available. Our lineup covers a total of more than 100 types of glycan structures, including bisecting glycans linked to bisecting GlcNAc, sialo-glycans with sialic acid added to the non-reducing end, and high-mannose glycans. Reducing ends can also be modified and labeled to meet your needs and can be used as reference standards for glycan analysis.

In addition, our unique glycan manufacturing technologies enable us to provide our products in mg, g and kg scales. We can meet your needs – whether for glycan synthesis, supply of glycans for research use, or mass production of glycans in the future.

Inquiries about glycans

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our glycan lineup, sample supply,
glycoprotein synthesis technologies, or any other glycan-related issues.