Environmental Problems

First time in Japan!
We have successfully developed naturally-derived higher oxo alcohols with branched structures!

Our Challenges

In recent years, as climate change countermeasures have become a global issue and environmental problems have gone more serious than ever, we need to achieve a sustainable society where environment and social development can exist in harmony. Fossil fuels such as oil are widely used in the materials industry, which are part of the reasons for the increase in greenhouse gases. In order to reduce the burden on the environment, it is crucial that we develop environmentally friendly materials that can contribute to the reduction of fossil fuels. One such example is the development of materials that use naturally-derived substances as feedstock. We are challenging to develop naturally-derived products in addition to our conventional petrochemical products, based on our oxo technology and refining technology cultivated over many years, as well as manufacturing expertise to maintain high quality.

Our Solution

We have successfully developed naturally-derived higher oxo alcohols with branched structures. These materials could be produced only by KH Neochem, which possesses the only high-pressure oxo facility in Japan as well as long years of expertise in handling and manufacturing raw materials. These higher alcohols have high ratio of biomass and can be expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to the use of petroleum-derived raw materials. Moreover, they are liquid at the room temperature by branched structures so they can be handled easily. They can be used as raw materials for resins, inks and coatings, lubricants by blending into your products as alcohols directly or derivatizing into esters, etc. These products can help you to expect as materials capable of contributing to carbon neutral by increasing the relative amount of biomass. You can select not only conventional petrochemical oxo alcohols but also natural higher oxo alcohols depend on each application.

Natural based higher oxo alcohols help reduce carbon dioxide emissions