Compliance Code


At KH Neochem Group, in order to realize a brighter tomorrow through the power of chemistry and achieve sustainable growth, we believe it essential to possess high ethical standards, meet the requests and expectations of all stakeholders, and, proactively contribute to society. In order to clarify this stance even more, we have amended the Compliance Guidelines implemented to date and newly established the Compliance Code.
This Compliance Code serves as the principles of behavior when engaging in corporate activities so that each and every employee asks themselves “Is my conduct correct?” or “Who can I speak to about this with pride?” in order to act in accordance with all the provisions of the Compliance Code.
Moreover, KH Neochem constantly endeavors to build and strengthen the necessary frameworks, systems to ensure execution of the Compliance Code regardless of the circumstances, as well as exerts efforts to enhance governance, revise the Compliance Code in light of societal changes, so that we may engage in corporate activities with sincerity and improve sustainable corporate values.

As a member of society, we are committed to:

High ethical standards
We respect laws, regulations, and various social norms, and act sincerely with high ethical standards.
Respect for human rights
We respect the rights and individuality of all humans and do not discriminate in anyway.
Contribute to society and environmental conservation
We will contribute to realization of a sustainable society and environment through our corporate activities.
Maintain and improve safe and stable operation
We aim to maintain and improve safe and stable operation, and achieve an accident/incident-free work environment.
Contribute to local community
We will collaborate with the local community to achieve its advancement.
No relationship with anti-social forces
We have no relationship whatsoever with anti-social forces.

Toward our customers, we are committed to:

High quality
We respect laws, regulations, and contracts, and offer high-quality products that earn customer satisfaction.
Prohibition of bribery
We do not engage in any form of corruption or dishonest acts, including bribery and money laundering.
Fair trade
We practice fair trade and do not engage in acts that interfere with fair competition.
Appropriate management of intellectual property
We appropriately maintain, manage, and utilize our intellectual property and do not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Toward our shareholders and investors, we are committed to:

Prohibition of insider trading
We do not practice insider trading.
Constructive dialogue and appropriate information disclosure
We endeavor to hold constructive dialogue with our shareholders and investors, appropriately manage financial and non-financial information, and disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.

As a member of KH Neochem Group, we are committed to:

Suitable management of information assets
We position all information retained for work purposes, such as that acquired through corporate activities or learned information, as our assets, and utilize such information to its maximum effectiveness. However, we will never use such information for anything other than the stated purpose, and we will endeavor to prevent leaks and appropriately manage these assets.
Maintenance and improvement of a comfortable workplace environment
We will maintain and improve a comfortable workplace environment in which all employees acknowledge one another and can work in good mental and physical health.