Environmental Security Policy

1. Scope of Application

This Environmental Security Policy (this “Policy”) sets forth the basic principles to be complied with by our directors, officers, employees and contract and dispatch employees (collectively, “All Officers and Employees”) in order to thoroughly ensure security, safety and environmental conservation in all of our corporate activities.

2. Basic Principles

  • We will ensure the safety of All Officers and Employees as well as of the local community, and strive to prevent security incidents and industrial accidents.
  • We will strive for environmental conservation in all of our corporate activities, including providing various products which contribute to environmental conservation and promoting environmental improvement activities.
  • We will comply with laws and regulations and other rules pertaining to security, safety and environmental conservation, and will construct, operate, maintain, and improve a management system in order to thoroughly ensure security, safety and environmental conservation.

3. Management System

With regard to security, safety and environmental conservation, we will appoint the CEO as the chief executive, and appoint an officer in charge who supervises the execution of business operations and inspection conducted for relevant workplaces, under the executive officer in charge who is responsible for the management and supervision, etc., of company-wide efforts.

4. Establishment of Regulations

Not only will we comply with applicable international regulations and related domestic laws and regulations, but we will also establish regulations based on this Policy, present clear rules on the overall management of fully ensuring security, safety and environmental conservation, and ensure that All Officers and Employees are fully aware of the same.

5. Conducting RC Activities

In order to comply with this Policy, we engage in the following responsible care (“RC”) in good faith:

  1. Maintaining and improving safe and stable operations
    We are constantly aware of sources of danger, will eliminate any risk, maintain safe and stable operations, as well as strive for further improvement and aim for no accidents and no incidents, to thereby strive to ensure the safety, comfort and health of the local community and All Officers and Employees.
  2. Contributing to society and environmental conservation
    We will strive to realize a sustainable society and environment through corporate activities, gather updated safety information regarding the chemical substances and products to be handled, and provide customers, distribution-related parties and All Officers and Employees with appropriate information, thereby striving to reduce the security, safety and environmental burdens in the entire process from product development through to the disposal thereof.
  3. Contributing to the local community
    Through dialogue and communication activities with the local community regarding security, safety, environmental conservation and health, we will cooperate with the local community and thereby contribute to its development.

6. Enhancing Literacy for Security, Safety and Environmental Conservation

We will continuously provide to relevant persons among All Officers and Employees education and training for security, safety and environmental conservation, thereby striving to enhance literacy for security, safety and environmental conservation.

7. Conducting Audits

In order to ensure that this Policy and the rules, standards and guidelines in accordance herewith are complied with, and that the management system pertaining to security, safety and environmental conservation has effectively functioned and been continuously improved, we will conduct audits for specified workplaces and departments on a periodic basis, and conduct audits for other workplaces and departments as appropriate.

8. Reinforcing Contractor/Outsourcee Management System

In the event of outsourcing all or part of the operations related to its business activities, we will sufficiently examine the eligibility of contractors/outsourcees, and set forth in an agreement, etc., that their management standards regarding security, safety and environmental conservation will be equivalent to or higher than that of ours. In addition, we will confirm that their management standards are appropriately maintained by conducting periodic audits on the contractors/outsourcees, thus, striving to maintain and improve their management system.