Intellectual Property Policy

1. Scope of Application

This Intellectual Property Policy (this “Policy”) set forth the basic policies to be complied with by our directors, officers, employees and contract and dispatch employees (collectively, “All Executives and Employees”) for preserving, managing and utilizing intellectual property (such as patents, utility models, designs, trademarks and know-how) acquired as a result of our business activities, and for respecting third-party intellectual property rights.

2. Basic Principles

In accordance with the following basic policies, we place intellectual property as our important assets and will perform intellectual property activities to bring about improvements in sustainable corporate value.

Preservation and Management of Intellectual Property

  • We will visualize our own technology (such as the technology for manufacturing and quality control) and new technology acquired through R & D, and manage it as intellectual property. In addition, we will actively introduce external technology through open innovation.
  • We will protect our technology as intellectual property rights or know-how (business secrets) by promoting invention discovery.


  • We will ensure proper management of our intellectual property, such as patents, and develop cost-effective intellectual property portfolio by reviewing our intellectual property rights in response to changes in the business environment.

Utilization of Intellectual Property

  • We will utilize our strengths and unique capabilities, which we recognize through the visualization of our technology and invention discovery, for planning business strategies and R & D strategies, as well as passing on technology, etc.
  • We will actively utilize our intellectual property to enhance our recognition, build trusting relationships with our customers, ensure our stable business, strengthen competitiveness and create new value through open innovation.


Respecting Intellectual Property Rights

  • We will comply with intellectual property-related laws and regulations, respect third-party intellectual property rights and establish the system and operational rules to prevent any infringement of the rights.
  • We will take appropriate measures if any third party infringes upon our intellectual property rights.

3. Management System

We will appoint the officer responsible for preserving, managing and utilization of our intellectual property and respecting third-party intellectual property rights. We will also maintain our internal rules regarding the management of intellectual property based on this Policy, and will ensure that All Executives and Employees are thoroughly informed of them.

4. Improving Intellectual Property Literacy

We will improve All Executives’ and Employees’ understanding on and awareness of intellectual property and create a corporate culture that actively promotes intellectual property activities through our educational and awareness-raising activities on intellectual property as well as the independent and cooperative intellectual property activities of each department.