Quality Assurance Policy

1. Scope of Application

This Quality Assurance Policy (this “Policy”) set forth the basic principles to be complied with by our directors, officers, employees and contract and dispatch employees (collectively, “All Executives and Employees”) throughout the entire process from raw material procurement to transportation in order to continue providing products, goods and services that possess quality that our customers can be satisfied with and rely upon.

2. Basic Principles

  • By faithfully engaging in quality assurance activities, we continue to provide products, goods and services that possess quality that our customers can be satisfied with and rely upon, and endeavor to maintain and enhance quality assurance.
  • We comply with international regulations, applicable domestic laws and regulations and other norms related to quality, and develop, operate, maintain and improve our quality assurance management system.
  • We promptly handle inquiries and complaints, etc. from our customers, including but not limited to suppliers, contractors and business partners, and endeavor to enhance the products, goods and services we provide by using the information we receive.

3. Management System

  • We appoint the CEO as the chief executive for quality assurance. The CEO establishes an expert committee, presided over by an executive officer in charge, as a consultation body pertaining to key measures, etc. in order to continue to maintain and enhance quality assurance in accordance with this Policy.
  • In order to ensure the construction and operation of a system that maintains and enhances quality assurance, the CEO assigns an officer in charge and causes him/her to supervise the execution of quality assurance business as well as the activities and systems relating to quality assurance in relevant workplaces.
  • We establish various regulations (regulations, detailed regulations and guidelines) pertaining to quality assurance, clarify the necessary rules regarding quality assurance and familiarize All Executives and Employees with such regulations.

4. Enhancing Quality Assurance Literacy

We endeavor to enhance quality assurance literacy by continuing to provide quality assurance education to All Executives and Employees involved.

5. Conducting Audits

We periodically audit certain workplaces and departments, and audit other workplaces and departments as well as raw materials suppliers and logistics partners as necessary, in order to verify whether or not this Policy and the various regulations based on this Policy are complied with, and whether or not quality assurance-related activities and systems are functioning effectively and continuously improving.

6. Strengthening Outsourcing Contractor’s Management System

When outsourcing all or part of the work related to our business activities, we fully examine the eligibility of the outsourcing contractor and also stipulate in the agreement, etc. therewith that such outsourcing contractor will maintain a quality assurance management standard at a level equal to or higher than our standard. In addition, we endeavor to maintain and enhance our management system by checking whether or not such management standard is appropriately maintained through periodic audits of such outsourcing contractor.