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KH Neochem offers an abundant lineup of products in our Basic Chemicals business.There is a wide-variety of product types, such as solvents, raw materials for plasticizers and raw material for resins, used in many different applications and fields to support industry both in Japan and abroad.
Moreover, the products we created from fusing high technology and solid quality control systems have supported many of our customers over the years and many of these products boast the greatest share in the domestic market.

Beverage cans, Food packages

Application: Beverage cans, Food packagesApplication: Beverage cans, Food packages

Food packages

This is used in printing ink
and adhesive for bags.

Beverage cans

These are used in paint inside cans.

Products introduction : Basic Chemicals

Field Solvents
(paints, inks, thinners, cleaners)
Plasticizer raw materials Resin raw materials
Main products
Characteristics We supply a wide range of solvents for dissolution of various materials to meet their required application. Our products are used in many familiar applications, such as paints, adhesives and detergents for buildings, automobiles and mobile phones. Plasticizers are additives that improve workability and add flexibility to materials, which makes them essential for plastic products. KH Neochem oxoalcohols are used as the raw materials for these plasticizers. KH Neochem products are widely used as the raw materials for various resins, such as acrylic resins.

Explanation of terminology

What is solvent?

Solvents are liquids used to dissolve materials.For example, paint is essentially made up of pigment (color) and resin (material to solidify paint), however these ingredients alone would make viscosity too high and it would be difficult to apply such paint to walls and other surfaces.As such, these ingredients are dissolved in solvents and diluted to lower their viscosity and create a paint which can be applied to surfaces with ease.

What is plasticizer?

Plasticizers are additives which give materials flexibility and improve workability. As such, they are essential to plastic products.