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Website Usage Conditions

Welcome to the website for KH Neochem Co., Ltd. (hereafter known as KH Neochem).
This website is under the management of KH Neochem and its representatives. Customers are asked to read and understand the following before using this website. Visitors who do not or cannot agree with these conditions are asked to abstain from usage of this website.


KH Neochem double checks the information on this website and takes the utmost care with renewal and management of information on this website. However, KH Neochem does not guarantee that this information is correct, appropriate, new, helpful for the customer, or fitting the needs of the customer.
KH Neochem bears no responsibility for problems, loss, or damages that may occur due to information posted on this website or use of this website.
KH Neochem generally does not announce changes to or deletion of published information on the website to the customers.
Please note that KH Neochem may also interrupt or cancel hosting of the website without notice.
KH Neochem bears no responsibility for any problems, loss, or damages to the customer that may occur due to changes to information, deletion of information, interruption of website services, or cancelation of website services for this website.

Copyrights and trademarks

The contents on this website (text, photographs, illustrations, images, video, audio, programs, etc.) are protected by copyright and related laws. Reproduction or use of these contents without explicit permission from the copyright holder is prohibited by law. Written consent is required from KH Neochem before reprinting or publishing all or part of the information published on this website in the form of print media such as magazine or books, or in electronic media such as homepages or CD-ROMs. Please contact KH Neochem for these uses.


KH Neochem respects the privacy of users on this website based on the KH Neochem "Privacy Policy".

Use of log information

This website records access log information including IP addresses from customers who use this website. This information is used to understand the usage of this website and is not used for the purpose of identifying the user, excluding pages that request user authentication.

Protection of personal information in links

KH Neochem bears no responsibility for the handling of information by websites linked to from this website, except for websites managed by KH Neochem.

Linking to this website

Those who wish to link to this website are asked to contact KH Neochem with information including the administrative body of the website, purpose of the link, and URL of the page where the link will be placed. Please note that direct links to certain types of content are not allowed. In this cases, KH Neochem will specify the appropriate link location.
Also please not that depending on the contents at the source of the link and the way that the link is made, the link may be denied or removed.
Use of the KH Neochem logo or opening the link to the website within a frame are prohibited. KH Neochem bears no responsibility for the information or contents of websites that link to KH Neochem.

Cautions regarding links from this website to other websites

This website may link to third-party websites for the convenience of users.
These websites fall under the management and administration of other bodies or individuals, not under the management of KH Neochem.
KH Neochem bears no responsibility for any problems, loss, or damages that may occur due to use of the linked website.
KH Neochem does not recommend use of these websites or use of the products or services on these websites. The act of linking to websites managed and administrated by third parties does not necessarily suggest that there is a relationship or collaboration between KH Neochem and the third party.

Communication via email

KH Neochem bears no obligation to reply to emails or web forms.
KH Neochem does not handle information such as questions, opinions, or suggestions provided in the emails or other communications to KH Neochem as confidential information, and therefore we do not suggest sending confidential information. KH Neochem also bears no type of responsibility for this information.
KH Neochem and its subsidiaries or affiliated companies may use the information or materials provided in these emails or communications through reproduction, reprinting, etc. for any purpose. Furthermore, the ideas, concepts, know-how, and technology may be used for any purpose, including product research, development, manufacture, and sale.

Laws, regulations, and courts of jurisdiction

Use of this website and interpretation or application of these site policies are based in Japanese law, except when defined by other methods.Furthermore, all disputes in terms of use of this website fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court for the first instance, except when defined by other methods.

Usage environment

The following environment is recommended for use of the KH Neochem website (hereafter known as "the website").
The website may not be accessible or may not display correctly using environments other than the recommended environment or due to user settings on the browsers for the recommended environments. Furthermore, the website may not operate correctly due to the installation of certain softwares. Please understand these situations.

Recommended browsers

This site may be viewed using major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. (We recommend using the latest version.)
Please note that usage under certain device settings or browsing environments may result in web pages not displaying correctly.

SSL information

In order to improve the security level of this website, certain services use SSL encoding (secure socket layer).