Disclosure Policy

1. Basis of Information Disclosure

KH Neochem Group discloses information based on the laws and regulations in the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the securities listing regulations at Tokyo Stock Exchange, etc. The information that is important or beneficial to understand KH Neochem will also be disclosed even if it does not apply to the above.

2. Method of Information Disclosure

Disclosure based on the securities listing regulations is performed through the Timely Disclosure Relevant Information Distribution System (TD net) of Tokyo Stock Exchange, and it will also be posted to the KH Neochem website immediately after the disclosure. Information other than the above is disclosed by distribution of press releases or posting to the KH Neochem website in a timely manner depending on its level of importance.

3. Future Prospects

The information regarding the business forecasts and other future prospects in the disclosed information is determined based on the information available at the time of disclosure, and risks and uncertainties are included. Actual performance may drastically differ depending on various factors.

4. Quiet Period

KH Neochem Group defines the period between the day after the last day of each quarter and the time when the financial results are announced as the quiet period to prevent leakage of the financial closing information and securing of the equitability. Answering to questions regarding the financial results or commenting on them is restrained except for the information disclosed already during this period. However, information will be disclosed in a timely manner even during the quiet period based on the laws and regulations regarding disclosure if there is a potential that the disclosed future prospects may differ drastically.