Aspiring to be a world-leading specialty chemicals company,
KH Neochem will contribute to realizing a brighter tomorrow
together with its stakeholders

With our Corporate Mission of “Realizing a brighter tomorrow for society through the power of chemistry,” KH Neochem is a chemical materials manufacturer offering premium products with unique characteristics to a variety of industries.

KH Neochem is supporting to enrich people’s lifestyles by providing a broad range of products: Basic Chemicals, Performance Materials, and Electronic Materials. Basic Chemicals support a wide variety of the industries by supplying a rich lineup of solvents and plasticizers alcohols. Performance Materials include raw materials for lubricants used in eco-friendly air conditioning, contributing to Ozone Layer Protection and Global Warming Prevention, as well as cosmetics raw material used in premium skin care products. Electronic Materials, such as high purity solvents, which are manufactured by our high purification technology and quality management know-hows, contribute to higher performance and miniaturization of electronic devices.

KH Neochem is facing a world undergoing large-scale changes: serious global environmental issues, growth of the middle-class population, and the advancement of AI/IoT. In order to be a company of value to society, KH Neochem, aspiring to be an intelligent and clever “world-leading specialty chemical company”, takes this great change of the world to offer more and more market-leading products and create new businesses in growing areas such as Environment, Health Care, and Electronics.

Moreover, as a petrochemical manufacturer, KH Neochem makes safety our top priority and shall continue implementing tangible measures such as the maintenance and renewal of factory equipment, as well as intangible measures, such as employee-led safety inspections and provision of training.

Finally, we will ensure highly-transparent management with emphasis on compliance and governance in order to fulfil our social responsibility. Moving forward, in accordance with our corporate policy, “with active and future-oriented attitude ,” all of us at KH Neochem will work together in our future initiatives.

I wish to thank all of our stakeholders for their invaluable support and humbly request your ongoing cooperation in the future.


President and CEO
KH Neochem Co., Ltd.

Michio Takahashi