Innovation Strategy

Innovation Strategy: KH i-Lab

Aiming to create new businesses for KH Neochem, we have teamed up an organization independent of the headquarters R&D department and research laboratories—the Innovation Strategy. KH i-Lab was established as its base of operations. KH i-Lab seeks to promote open innovation. By collaboratively creating technology, sharing our dreams, and proposing ideas to people outside our company. KH i-Lab will become a place where solutions to social issues can be found. In 2021, we will enhance our experimental facilities of KH i-Lab to use as a place for open lab and collaborative experimentation.

Department Profile

KH i-Lab: KH Neochem Innovation Laboratory

4F, AIRBIC 7-7 Shinkawasaki, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa 212-0032, Japan
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12-minute walk from Shin-Kawasaki Station on the JR Yokosuka Line or Shonan-Shinjuku Line
17-minute walk from Kashimada Station on the JR Nambu Line
There is also handy access via taxi from Musashi-Kosugi Station on the Toyoko Line or various JR lines.

Initiatives of the Innovation Strategy

KH i-Lab is located in AIRBIC, an industry-academia exchange and R&D facility in Shin-Kawasaki Sozo no Mori. AIRBIC is an incubation facility that creates new industries and cutting-edge technologies. In addition, Shin-Kawasaki offers great transport access to the Tokyo metropolitan area as well as easy access to market information. By setting up a base within AIRBIC, we will launch new businesses that meet customer needs by using advanced technology.

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4F, AIRBIC 7-7 Shinkawasaki, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa 212-0032, Japan