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We respond to the needs of the constantly changing electronic materials market through the fusion of our company’s high purification technology (distillation technology) and quality control expertise.


Photoresists, Detergent*

* Used in manufacturing processes for semiconductors and LCD panels

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Field LCD panels and semiconductors
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Characteristics Extremely high purity solvents are required in the manufacturing process of semiconductors used for CPUs, memory and other products for liquid crystal displays and computers. Employing years of experience with superior quality control technologies in this field, KH Neochem provides extremely high purity solvents.

Explanation of terminology

What is distillation?

Distillation is a method of separating ingredients with different boiling points by evaporating and condensing a mixture.Boiling point is the temperature at which liquid converts to gas and each compound has its own specific boiling point (for example, the boiling point of ethanol is 78°C while that of propanol is 97°C).As such, by heating a liquid mixture comprising of ethanol and propanol, the ethanol will convert to gas when the temperature of the mixture reaches 78°C and consequently, the propanol and ethanol will separate.Meanwhile, if the gaseous compound is cooled to a temperature below the boiling point of its ingredients, it will return to a liquid state. By collecting this liquid, it is possible to obtain the compound in a highly pure form.

*Ethanol and propanol are both colorless transparent liquids categorized as alcohol compounds.


What is high-purity solvent?

Solvent with high purity from which metal and miniscule impurities that adversely impact the semiconductor manufacturing process have been removed to the maximum extent possible.

Quality control expertise

As an analysis device to control the quality of high-purity solvents, KH NeoChem has an ICP-MS and atomic absorption spectrometer.
Utilizing these devices, we have created a framework to meticulously control quality, from manufacture to shipment.