Stakeholder Engagement

Meeting the Expectations of Stakeholders

KH Neochem has committed to implementing transparent management with high ethical standards. We strive to communicate with our stakeholders through various opportunities and to reflect the valuable opinions we receive in our corporate activities.

Major Stakeholders

By listening earnestly to the voices of our customers and accurately grasping their needs, we are working to achieve a stable supply and the creation of new value, and to further deepen our relationship of trust. We will also work together with our customers to contribute to the realization of an environmentally friendly society and richer lives for people through our business activities.
  • Sales activities and technical support activities
  • Responding to requests for quality and CSR-related surveys
  • Provision of information through websites, etc.
  • Open innovation activities utilizing KH i-Lab
  • Participation in various exhibitions
Shareholders and investors
In addition to aiming to achieve our long-term vision through sustained corporate value improvement, we are also working to actively communicate financial and non-financial information and to engage in dialogue.
  • General meeting of shareholders and business reports
  • Briefing sessions on medium- to long-term business plans and financial results
  • Briefings and events for individual investors
  • Conferences for overseas investors
  • Individual interviews
  • Integrated reports
  • Provision of information through websites, etc.
  • Research cooperation with ESG evaluation organizations
We strive to provide a workplace where diverse human resources can work energetically, to create an environment in which all employees can exhibit their abilities to the full, and to maintain appropriate and sound labor-management relations.
  • Measures for the permeation of the VISION 2030 and medium-term business plan
  • Goal discussions between managers and staff
  • Employee engagement surveys
    Compliance awareness surveys
  • Stress checks
  • Group newsletter and intranet
  • Integrated reports (distributed to all Group employees)
  • Various types of training
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Joint management councils and various labor-management consultations with labor union representatives
  • Hotline system
Business partners

With the understanding and cooperation of our business partners, we strive to conduct procurement activities that are conscious of responsible supply chain management with corporate social responsibility in mind.

KH Neochem Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

  • Procurement activities
  • Dissemination of procurement policy
  • Green procurement
  • Quality assessments
  • Hotline system (for business partners)
Local communities, society and the environment
We cooperate with local communities and society to contribute to their development. At the same time, we strive to conduct business activities with an awareness of environmental impact reduction.
  • Responsible Care (RC) Programs
  • Social contribution activities in cooperation with local governments, international organizations, and NPOs
  • Athlete support
  • Integrated reports
  • Support for TCFD and disclosure of related information
  • Research cooperation with ESG evaluation organizations
  • Various news releases and advertisements