Woman's action and Fostering the Next Generation

Woman's action and fostering the next generation
- General employer action plan (Integrated)

KH Neochem has formulated the following action plan in order to support motivated female employees for their participation and career advancement in the workplace, and also to become a company in which all employees can exhibit their abilities to the full, regardless of personal lifestyle and gender.


Two years and eight months from April 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024

Goals and Initiatives

Goal 1
Raise the proportion of female managers to 9% or more


From April 2022
  • Actively hire women for management positions and management candidate positions
  • Motivate female management candidates through career plan training and through interaction with role models within the company such as female executives and female managers
  • Continue to select management candidates and develop individual development plans
Goal 2
Raise the proportion of women in career-track positions to 15% or more


From April 2022
  • Work to increase the number of female candidates in new graduate recruitment by introducing the careers of female employees at university visits and company briefings
  • Establish career counseling desks for female employees, and support the setting of long-term career goals with consideration of life events and independent career development
  • After confirming the appropriateness of employees and their intentions, systematically train the target employees and convert them to career-track positions
Goal 3
Increase the rate of taking childcare leave to 100% for female employees and 20% or more for male employees


From April 2022
  • Promote prior explanations by managers to employees eligible for childcare leave and the development of a reasonable business operating system to create an environment that makes it easier for both men and women to take childcare leave
  • Provide a support program (e-learning) environment so that employees on leave can engage in self-development
  • In line with the "Childcare Leave at Birth (Postpartum Paternity Leave)" (enforced in April and October 2022), individually notify employees of the system for taking childcare leave and confirm their intention, and at the same time, establish a childcare leave system for male employees
Goal 4
Develop a system that enables employees to continue working on a long-term and stable basis


From April 2022
  • Establish a system to actively support the balancing of work and caregiving and treatment
Goal 5
Increase the rate of taking annual paid leave to 80% or more


From April 2022
  • Establish a workplace environment and follow-up system to encourage employees to take annual paid leave

Information disclosure

(1) Percentage of female employees among the new employees
*Female employee rate by category, 2019 to 2021 (including mid-career employment)
(Regular employees) 13.7%(Non-regular employees) 20.0%
(2) Average years of service by gender
*As of April 1, 2021 (Excluding officers and fixed-term employees)
(Male) 14.2 years(Female) 15.6 years
(3) Average overtime hours of workers per month
*FY 2021
25.0 hours
(4) Percentage of female employees in managerial positions
*As of January 1, 2022
(5) Rate of taking annual paid leave
*Actual results from April 2020 to March 2021