R&D System

Aiming for the development of new technologies and new products
that support VISION 2030: “A Leading Global Specialty Chemical Company”.

In addition to expanding our existing businesses, KH Neochem is focused on developing new businesses in the three domains of Environment, Health care, and Electronics, as declared in VISION 2030, and is promoting the development of new technologies and products.

Figure: R&D System

The R&D System is the collaborative efforts of 3 departments: Innovation Strategy, Business Development and the R&D Center.
The Innovation Strategy department was established in Kawasaki in January 2019. We promote open innovation to create new business projects by unconventional ideas. Due to organizational restructuring in April 2021, Business Development was established as a new department at our head office. We will focus on existing businesses and respond to social needs. These three departments─R&D Center, Innovation Strategy, and Business Development─are working together to deepen our technology and create new value, guided by their respective missions.

Innovation Strategy