R&D System

Our environment is undergoing major changes. As issues such as global warming and ocean pollution grow increasingly serious, the demand for an improved quality of life is increasing on a worldwide scale in line with the growth of the middle-income group. Moreover, people’s needs are becoming more sophisticated and diversified, as seen in the expectations of technical innovation in the mobility field through the spread of IoT and AI technologies.
In order to respond to such needs swiftly, KH Neochem will not only deeply pursue our core technologies cultivated to date, but also promote technical collaborative innovation with external parties through open innovation, as part of our challenge to develop new environmentally friendly materials that also contribute to greater ease in life.

Figure: R&D System

KH Neochem’s innovation is driven by efforts and liaison of our three different technical groups: the R&D department, the Innovation Strategy Office and the R&D Center. The R&D Department develops markets and technologies with a focus on competitive strategies aimed at the expansion of our existing business areas. Our Innovation Strategy Office studies and executes plans aimed at creating new business opportunities. The R&D Center is our integrated research laboratory that establishes our technical platform.