R&D Center

R&D Center

To achieve the goal declared in VISION 2030, we focus on the three domains of environment, healthcare, and electronics. R&D Center supports our competitive business strategy by developing core and next generation technologies.
Oxo technology is one of our core technologies. We have accumulated a lot of experience and know-how over the years. We properly protect and manage our knowledge as intellectual property, while leveraging our strengths represented by oxo technology for the expansion of our business.
We will further strengthen our collaboration with external partners and colleagues working in our factories that have been advancing and striving ahead. We will acquire various new technologies, improve productivity and quality by improving our existing technology, and develop new products utilizing existing equipment.
Further, as market needs have diversified in recent years, it is essential that we acquire new technologies without being bounded by existing technologies. We will continue to pursue new possibilities for our oxo business, such as switching from petrochemical-derived raw materials to natural raw materials. To this end, we are actively involved with external partnership and moving ahead with acquisition of various technologies through collaborative research.
R&D Center has two laboratories, in Yokkaichi and Chiba, which are closely related to each plant. As the facilities, technologies, and product-related characteristics of each plant are different, the laboratory at each location conducts a wide range of research activities utilizing full advantage of these diverse characteristics.

image: Research scene

Research scene

image: Pilot plant for oxo reaction

This is a pilot plant for oxo reaction.