Corporate Governance

KH Neochem’s Corporate Governance

Basic Stance on Corporate Governance

In line with the KH Neochem’s Corporate Mission of“Realizing a brighter tomorrow for society through the power of chemistry.”, we strive to achieve sustainable growth, improve our corporate value for the mid-to-long term and realize sound management with secured transparency and fairness. As such, we have established a corporate governance system which considers the following points and make ongoing efforts towards its enhancement.
・Endeavor to practically secure the rights and equality of our shareholders and maintain constructive dialogue with our shareholders.
・Disclose accurate and straightforward financial and non-financial information beneficial for constructive dialogue with shareholders, etc. in a timely manner.
・Endeavor to appropriately collaborate with stakeholders other than shareholders.
・Have a management team and Board of Directors whom demonstrate leadership which promotes fostering of a corporate culture that respects the rights, positions and business activity ethics of a variety of stakeholders.
・The Board of Directors shall, from an independent position, engage in effective supervision of the management team’s execution of its duties and endeavor to create an environment which supports the risks taken by the management team and fulfill all associated responsibilities.

Corporate Governance Structure

Overview of the Corporate Governance Structure
KH Neochem has a Board of Directors and an Audit & Supervisory Board. Below are the organizations relating to the decision-making, execution and supervision necessary for KH Neochem’s operations.

Corporate Governance